Monday, December 7, 2009

december daily: day seven

Victory is so sweet.
How lucky was I that I only had ONE final this semester? & it happened to land on the first day of the exam period during the first time slot - which means, my Christmas vacation begins TODAY! Ok, well not really a vacation, more like slaving away at the Ritz. Super tough working retail during the holidays. You want it to be over fast but also want to be able to enjoy the moment.

Right after my 8am HR final, I headed to work for a cash support shift. Ryan and I met Wayne & I at Square One to get A's Santa photo taken.

With all the bright lights and the Christmas ornament decorations surrounding Santa's centre, it didn't seem like you were nervous for the visit. Tons of little kids were in line as well & you simply adore the company .. so, so far, so good. Totally knew that you wasn't going to be up for sitting on Santa's lap, so I thought how they took the picture was quite brilliant. They gave you two green lollipops as a teaser and distraction and as we tried to make you smile / giggle / laugh ... Santa popped out behind the curtains for what they labelled on our ticket order as a "peek-a-boo Santa" photo! How cute! How much character does this photo have?! Excited about how it turned out, esp. for paying $13 for one 5x7 photograph. (Except, Santa looks a little extra creepy this year, yes?) Aiden, you're so adorable. You're so much bigger than you were last Christmas, but in this photo, in this chair, you look like such a baby boy!

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