Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yes, It's True ...

I quit my job job (working in the HR department of a Canadian fashion retailer) for my favorite job (being a Mama). 

A little over a month ago, I did it. I emailed my resignation to my boss and simply said I wasn't returning to work post my maternity leave. It wasn't a shock by any means. We chatted about it, tried to come up with alternative solutions, but ultimately - the decision was made by Ryan and I (after creating excel budget spreadsheets, pros & cons lists and constant battles about whether this was the "right" thing to do).  It was as simple & as complicated as that. 

I loved my HR job. I started off at the company as a Sales Associate when I was 18 years old. Became a Floor Manager while completing my undergrad & took an Associate Manager position post university. I didn't see myself ever becoming a Store Manager - though that was the natural progression. So when some info leaked about the HR team hiring, I jumped at the opportunity - with both feet. I was at the right place at the right time and things for my "career" feel into place. My job from day one was challenging. Working in a remote support office (our counterparts are in Vancouver, 3 hours behind) definitely had its fair share of challenges. For a long time, I was the HR team out East - just me, myself and I. It got lonely but I loved it. I occupied myself with a lot of unfinished projects, spend some time drafting and creating new initiatives and read up on HR practices, hoping to maybe pursue my CHRP at some point. I loved the satisfaction of "winning a case" and getting kudos for it too!

And then came our Director, my new boss. We had a wicked relationship. It was nice to finally have some mentorship, someone to learn from on a day to day basis. Our time together was short lived since I was due to leave to mat leave about 6 months after she came on board. But the learning experience was beyond measurable. 

I am definitely sad about leaving the company. I have met some of my best (life) friends there. We always joke about how we literally grew up with the company - from wearing terry cloth track suits, spending Monday nights eating pounds and pounds of wings and pretty much having no cares in the world (well, except for our wardrobes & boyfriends) to having careers, marrying those boyfriends, being homeowners &  having babies! I will miss the culture, the lingo & the fashion. But most definitely - the people. What a way to spend a decade.

I posted this last week on my Instagram & meant every word.

So, what now? 

Well my new title, as society defines it is "Stay at Home Mama". Where these guys are my new coworkers, LOL.
August 3 - park!

Now, I get to focus on creating and designing. I am forever thankful that Ryan has been able to make this possible & definitely consider us blessed that we're able to make it work for our family with one income. I will continue to have my little shop with hopes of expanding my product line & will continue to take orders for custom work (invitations & stationary) with my brother here. I get to do what I love with who I love. So really, I prefer "Work at Home Mama" :) Of course, I also get to do all the laundry, cook our meals, sweep & mop the floors, scrub the washrooms & toilets ... all that lovely glamourous stuff that comes with my society defined title. Haha - let the adventure begin!  

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