Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simple Breakfast Go-To

I wasn't always a big breakfast kind of gal. In my teens, I would skip it completely. I always found myself saying that I just didn't have time. Such a rebel I was then. Or maybe I just hadn't discovered how awesome breakfast could be. Being a Mama, I definitely instil that breakfast is tres importante. Plus I feel so frail & weak when I skip it, not an awesome way to start the day with two high energy, rambunctious kiddies.

My favourite breakfast dish would definitely have to be egg benny with either bacon or smoked salmon ... YUM. I would beg Ryan to make me that for breakfast & considered it a treat. Those eggs slathered with rich, thick hollandaise, resting upon some sweet smoked salmon or crispy bacon on a lightly toasted english muffin ... drool. I've recently discovered just how easy it is to poach an egg. One morning I asked Ryan what the trick was to poaching an egg (have your water lightly boiling & add a splash of vinegar to the water). I chuckled at how simple it was and I was feeling gusty enough to try. I was honestly proud of my (simple) achievement - I poached an egg! Woot!

And each morning I do it, I smile. I'm totally perfecting it ...

Breakfast Go-To

That's my breakfast go-to these days. It's delicious without a whole lot of fuss. Simple ingredients: a poached egg, 1/2  an avocado, some cherry or grape tomatoes (those ones happen to be from my neighbour friend Rachel's backyard garden, score!), some bread (whatever we have on hand, typically whole grains with quinoa or sprouts or an english muffin ... on the rare occasion I buy white bread, it just taste better when we want to make french toast!), some black pepper & sriracha on occasion. Nothing crazy fancy, just the ingredients for what it is.

Oh, I'm also a sucker for yogurt parfaits in the morning too.

What's your breakfast go-to?  

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