Friday, September 7, 2012

you're starting school?!

A little while ago we did a small overhaul of Aiden's closet. We has some chillier weather and needed him to wear pants versus shorts. Well, none of his pants fit - none. Oh boy.

So hard to believe that around this time last year, we took him to the ex and he looked like this ..

Now, he's grown over two sizes in all his clothes and two sizes in his shoes. Wahhhh! Our baby boy is truly growing up. We took Aiden back-to-school shopping a little while ago & got some pretty good stuff. Of course, I had to do some convincing & persuading for him to get sweats, lol.

The varsity jacket, he had to have. The best part was that Ryan swore that the jacket looked so familiar. We then found a photo of Ryan on his 1st day of school, so amazing!

On Wednesday, Aiden had a "meet & greet" with his teacher and ECE. His teachers quickly picked up on how curious Aiden was ... about the classroom and all the things inside. "He asks questions, that's so great!" His teachers seem "cool" (lol), they're young. They also worked along side together last year, which I like. They asked if we had any concerns about the full-day JK program & really my main concern is A will fall sleep! They said kids fall sleep all the time (lol) and they get used to being in school after a week or two. I also said that A takes a little while to eat his lunch. They said that the kids feed off each other's habits and energy. He'll adjust, don't worry!

I stumbled across these words on Pinterest and my heart just melted ...

So we'll spend the majority of the weekend prepping, labelling and organizing for the big day! I'm so excited for you A! Excited for you to make friends, learn lots and play lots. You've been waiting all Summer to start school. & stating Monday (from 8:00am - 3:00pm), our home will be quiet ... I'm going to miss you so so much!  

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