Saturday, September 1, 2012


It definitely sucks that Ryan has to work on Saturdays. The upside is that he starts at 2pm - which gives us plenty of time to hang out with him before work & the three of us get to eat lunch together, major plus. Also, new rule - no TV during eating time! By the looks of A's face, lunch was def scrumptious today. (homemade mini burgers on pandesals (delish!!) with the fixings - havarti cheese, sauteed mushrooms & Ry and A insisted on bacon too!, sweet potato fries & my lovely bean salad)

A surprised me with my favourite flowers from the Farmer's Market this morning. I absolutely adore flowers on our kitchen table (the kitchen table, not so much). I'd say it's time to search for those perfect chairs.

The final days of Summer!

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