Thursday, September 6, 2012

two months!

Two months of being a family of four & I can't remember life before it all!

Side note: I've decided that we'll be doing naked monthly photos now, love seeing you fill out! LOL.

At two months ...
-You're still wearing size 1 swaddlers (def our favourite brand right now - less leaks compared to A!)
-Sleepers and swaddles at night time
-You're now sleeping (roughly) from 8pm to 2am!
-You make loud grunts while you sleep, LOL
-You're mastering tummy time, holding your head up briefly
-During diaper changes, we get lots of "shoot farts", as A has dubbed it, from you
-You're a talkative little girl!
-We love seeing your gummy smile!
-I'm now convinced that bath time soothes you
-You love being in the know, always wanting to be around the fams - during dinner, while watching TV, folding laundry
-Your (lack of) hair is still the best

Here's what else we've been up to:

-You sure love your sleep! & no complaints over here. What a change of pace, we've lucked out! Typically, our last feed is around 7:30-8:30pm & the earliest she's up again earliest at 2:00am. Up again fot a feed at 6:00am and then back to sleep. Then up again around 8:30-9:00am to start your day. Our evenings are pretty good. Ryan was up once when we did a night feed mentioned that we're so in sync, "both you guys just know what needs to get done during the night - no fuss". Couldn't ask for anything better! Naps during the day are ... challenging. You sleep, but you need to be held. And to be honest, I'd rather hold you and let you sleep, then have a cranky baby. In time, like all else - you will go down for a nap ... well I hope. But for now, I will continue to hold you. We have however, given you a binky from time to time (mostly when we're in the car) and a few times, with a binky - you've put yourself to nap.

We are the champions, we are the champions - no time for losers ... cause we are the champions ... of the world! (I had to, hahaha). But seriously, we've gotten 100% better at this - and we have continued to make this work for us. Breastfeeding no longer hurts and is so natural for the both of us. My milk supply is hefty, breast pads all day, everyday. I'm not complaining! Blessed to have an oversupply than an undersupply. Though we still don't have a set "schedule", we're typically nursing every 3 hours during the day. Always still feeding on demand.

Your two month check up was yesterday & you're now 10 pounds, 10 ounces! You also got your two month shots - I felt so helpless as I held you and you wailed. But like everything else, you got over it really quickly and were all smiles for the ride home. You were, however, very cranky in the evening and wanted nothing but cuddles all night. You did, however sleep until 4am ... tired little girl.

We're adjusting nicely. Our little family of four seems natural, feels right. We have however started coming up with "game plans" when we go out in public places. Instead of assuming that Ryan has A and I have Sadie or vice versa, we have to let everyone on the "team" know what the "game plan" is. This is mainly because Aiden has the tendency to do as he pleases from time to time, and heaven forbid I assumed that Ryan had him. So divide and conquer to make sure everyone is accounted for.

Ryan works until (earliest) 10:00pm four nights a week, so in turn our evenings are semi-challenging. Sadie nurses around 5:00pm, which gives me enough time to plate dinner afterwards (notice how I said plate and not cook or prepare - this my friends, has to be done earlier during the day by me or Ry - usually Ry, or the night before). If I made dinner after Sadie's 5:00pm feed, Aiden would have probably fallen asleep at the table. Most days, Sadie will let Aiden and I enjoy dinner together while she sits in her rocker on the floor by the dinner table (always wanting to be close to us). This is nice, Aiden and I get to chat while we eat our last meal of the day. Some days, she has a fit and just wants cuddles. Post dinner, Sadie squeezes in a quick nap. I'm finding it challenging to get both Aiden and Sadie ready for bed - mainly because their bedtime rituals / routines are so different. I imagine this being more challenging as Aiden starts school next week (insert "my baby boy is growing up too fast" tears). I feel guilty that Aiden is alone while I nurse Sadie (her last session of the day around 7:30pm) and put her to sleep. Aiden is usually winding himself down, either watching a dvd in his room or quietly playing with some toys. Once Sadie is all swaddled and in her crib (usually by 8:30pm), Aiden takes a quick shower, we brush his teeth and change into pyjamas. I get him to read me 1-2 books before bed and I tuck him in with all his friends. What gives me anxiety is that this all needs to be done before 9:00pm to ensure that he gets ample sleep for his days at school. Maybe he should even be sleeping earlier? I guess we'll just have to go with the flow and see what works best for us in the next coming weeks.

Me: Post-Partum
Time to loose that baby weight! I'm trying to eat better, which is probably the toughest for me - knowing that Ryan can whip up anything and everything that my heart (ok, stomach) desires. I keep telling him that I only have ONE cheat day ... he never listens. I've never had much luck with the gym, so I figure that doing some workouts at home when I can will help for now. Once Aiden is in school, I'll feel more confident going out and about knowing I only have one child to tend to.

I had my post-partum appointment yesterday in conjunction with Sadie's two month checkup. It's been 9 weeks post delivery and everything's all good. I got my prescription for birth control, hehehe. Our doctor asked if we were going to have any more babies ... I'm still not sure what the answer is. I'm beyond blessed that we lucked out and got one of each (and in the order that Ryan prefers, actually he wanted another boy and then a girl ...), but I also love the idea of a bigger family. We'll see.

Month number three, bring it on!

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  1. eeek! Look at that adorable baby on that adorable chair! I love the idea of diaper only photos, you get to see all those little rolls :)