Thursday, March 4, 2010

trs, the business building

Long days at school are kind of depressing. But it does allow for me to actually get some work done minus screaming and playful Aiden in the background. So some days, I stick it out, 8-10 hours of being on campus in attempts of finishing assignments and readings. Tonight, I prepped for a collective bargaining simulation for my labour relations class tomorrow morning. Thought that the process would be much shorter, but in fact spent close to three hours outlining our demands, expectations and strategies. I thought I would we all gung ho and start my other 40 pager, but definitely lost interest in school work ... mainly because of an incident that occurred prior to class today ...

Keeping the details private (who know's who stalks this blog of mine, lol). Certain things definitely made me feel ill (sick, to the pit of my stomach). Why invest so much time & money into developing? I don't seem to understand your reasoning? If there's a career that is viable and attainable, where is your thought process? WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GO? (as if I was going to be homeless or something ...)

& that's supposed to persuade me to stay?
(if our house didn't close in two months, my papers would have been in & signed, t r u s t m e)

As I'm waiting for Ryan to pick me up from school, replaying the events of the day - over & over & over again, I turn around only to see this on the wall.


Amazing, my heart melted.
(the universe loves me)

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