Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sunshine, been keeping me up for days

Lately, been wishing that there be more that 24-hours in one day.
Final weeks of my undergrad career and it's killing me. So many assignments, tests and presentations ... all to accumulate into a piece of paper that will say, Bachelor of Commerce (finally).

Decisions have been made and I don't even know how I feel about it. I know that it's the most financially, rational decision and maybe I just have to stick it out a few more months to find something that makes me happy. Or maybe this change of pace, change of scenery is what will lead me to my happiness. I guess I just trying to give this "opportunity" the benefit of the doubt.

Right now, Aiden is snoring beside me, taking his afternoon nap. But when he's not sleeping, he looks like this:


He's been so playful lately and loves being "outside". His vocab is growing and his communication is getting better and better. He's such a joy.

Big things happening in the next few months, so excited.

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