Monday, March 1, 2010

playtime, in the snow!

Rushed to get some photos of Aiden playing in the snow for the first time. Lucky me, I had to work this Sunday morning and I wasn't able to stay and play with the rest of the gang. Captured a few non-action shot of A, I'm sure Lola was able to get more fun ones. But instantly fell in love with this one, what a guy!


This smile is totally mine, Aiden stole it from me. Whatevs, it does .. seem to ... suit him, better :) With help from Daddy, a little snowman was made in the backyard. Aiden runs to the window every morning for a peak at the snowman ... which is, starting to tilt and with the positive weather, will probably diminish in the next few days. We'll be dealing with a very :( A when the time comes.

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