Tuesday, February 2, 2010

will we make it? will we?

Let's fast forward to 8 months time & let's see how we're making out.
Is it possible to be completely happy yet have so much worry about what's going on around you? It sums up all the feelings that I'm going through right now (not to mention that it's also the time of the month, which could possibly explain the reason why I'm beyond emotional).
C: Babe, are we going to make it? in life? will we be ok?
R: Hell ya.
Simple, yes & my insecurities fly out the window. When the person that I love the most (aside from Aiden, obvs, hehe) tells me that it's going to be ok, what else can I ask for? He tells me in two words that we'll make something out of our lives and that we'll do it, together ... hand in hand. Truly, I am blessed.

Now let's fast forward.

On a craftier note, I scrapped last night. Started and finished all in one day, love when things just click for me. Loved how this one turned out, but still need to find a way to photograph my layouts better. Natural light would be best, but given the season, it's too damn cold t be photographing outside. Here, take a peak:

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