Thursday, February 11, 2010

whatcha cooking?

Ryan had a dentist appointment a few days ago where Aiden and I decided to tag along. Right now, Ryan and I still have different dentists. Mine is about 10 minutes from home while Ryan's is all the way by Bayview and the 401, my goodness. Aiden and I decided to stroll around Bayview Village while we waited for Ryan to get his teeth cleaned. Ryan left the bugaboo at his parents place so instead, I had to stroll around with Aiden in his car buggy. Not at all fun for me, but all the kids in the village were super envious of our Aiden baby. We spent most of the time at Chapters since I thought it would be much easier to let Aiden play around with the toys in the Children's section - he LOVED the kitchen play set, LOVED.

what's for dinner kitchen appliances

Came across this adorable kitchen set from Land of Nod. So freaking cute! Looking to buy something along these lines for Aiden in the new house. He's at the stage where he's really into playing with toys (mainly balls, his train set, loves to read books, and piano) ... so excited to start designing soon! & making our house, our home :)

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