Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dear john ...

dear john novel

Christie, a friend of mine, lent me this novel (finally :P) and I've been spending most of my day trying to read as much as I can of this novel in each sitting. I didn't realize just how much harder it was to read with Aiden around. He's at a stage where he must show me everything - how it works, how he wants it to work, what he wants to do with it. He loves hanging out with Ryan and I and I love seeing how he's learning so much daily. It's truly amazing how he's able to communicate with us and us with him without any words at all. He's growing up too fast.

Back to the novel, I've yet to get to the mushy bit but this novel truly excites me. I can catch myself smiling at the words as I'm reading them and living vividly through the characters - is that crazy? I'm such a girl. Hoping to have this done before Reading Week ends (if A lets me), because after this free week, the assignments and projects will be piling in. SEVEN MORE WEEKS OF MY UNDERGRADUATE LIFE.

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