Saturday, February 8, 2014

DIY valentines: you make my heart pop! + free printable

With Valentine's Day around the corner (less than a week!), I'm sharing a super simple & easy DIY. There are so many lovely DIY valentines, floating around Pinterest - this one is one of my favs by the lovely & uber creative Sarah. But I saw these bubbles at Target & knew I wanted to do something with them for Aiden's school friends.

grab these:
  • package of bubbles from target (comes in a pack of 24 for $3)
  • paper trimmer, or scissors
  • baker's twine, or yarn
  • hole punch
  • glue gun (optional)
  • pencil, pencil crayon, crayon
  • free "you make my heart pop printable" 

do this:
  1. print your cards preferably on a heavy weight card stock, (for projects like this, I get mine from Staples). I've set them up to print 6 cards per page.
  2. trim your cards - there are guides for your ease (& sanity).
  3. grab an autograph from your little one. always best to have them do this prior to tying the bubbles.
  4. punch holes where the guides are on the card
  5. put a dot of hot glue in between the punched holes, and carefully stick the bubbles on the card. this is completely optional, but i figured by the way Aiden handles the things in his backpack from school, the glue may help keep everything in tact ;)
  6. cut some twine about, 3 inches long. thread a piece of twine through the card from the back, tie a knot or a bow at the front. 


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  1. love these! thank you so much for the mention - i appreciate you! xo