Saturday, March 2, 2013

you is ... (& a freebie!)

Ok, so I'm totally late jumping on "The Help" badwagon. As in I skipped reading the book and just watched the movie a few days ago. I live under a rock, yes.

But what a wonderful story! I'm a sucker for anything that makes you feel such emotion. Can you just imagine what it was like living in that era? And I'm all for believing that one person can truly make a difference. Because it only take one to stand out from the crowd. And of course, just like everyone else, I fell for Aibileen's humbling efforts to make a child feel proud about herself ... despite what anyone else says.

Aiden didn't watch the movie with me, but I recited the famous "you is ..." lingo to him before bed one night and his just face lit up! Amazing how such simple words can evoke such confidence. I've always been a fan of lovely words.


& I love reminders of such, so I whipped up a simple printable for A and Sadie's bedrooms. Originally I planned for them to be in a small square frame, but had no such luck finding such a frame. So I opted to use some pewter rectangular frames that I already had on hand. I may just switch to the square once I actually find a frame.

Annnnd, I'm sharing them with who ever wants em!
Just click the images below to download for free :)
The square prints are formatted for 5x5 and the rectangle prints are formatted for 5x3.5

you-is-blue  you-is-pink

you-is-blue-rec  you-is-pink-rec

*These freebies / printables are for personal use only! 
Please do not sell, distribute or recreate, all rights reserved - thank you!


My kind, smart & important babies! I can't stress just how much these two mean to me, they truly are the biggest part of my heart!

Happy Saturday everyone, enjoy!

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