Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pixel Paper Hearts: Our 1st Feature! - Weddingbells Magazine

It's no secret that I'm fond of all things crafty and creative. If I could spend all of my days crafting and creating, I would be a happy camper. I dream of it from time to time and almost get to a point where I truly believe that it can be my reality ... but for some reason, I always manage to hold myself back.
& then I think of this ...

I'm sure I came across the quote / image via Pinterest or maybe even via Tumblr (not 100% sure of the source, if you know - please let me know!) So very slowly, I started networking ... started creating for "clients" and started getting referred by clients (bonus!). Pixel Paper Hearts was (and is still) making its' modest debut.

I can't explain the kind of joy that comes from creating "art" for people's big moments. What may not be known is that my right hand man is actually my younger brother, Wayne - he's usually the graphic genius behind our designs. We work well together (most of the time), compliment each other's design eye & of course, I love being able to share the fruits of our labour. Plus, I can always tattle tale on him to Ma if he ain't carrying his load of the work, hahaha.

A few months back - I was contacted by a friend who I met during my teenage years, Roseanne.
She's is the Associate Editor at Weddingbells (what a wicked job). We were asked to design some stationary stuff for their Special Edition issue that would hit stands across Canada post Valentine's Day 2013. What an experience! & of course, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

SIP-WB-Feb 2013-PPH

As per their request, the full-page spread layout is to be kept under wraps for the next little while.
So pick up your copy for inspiration, trendy tips and of course, to see our work!

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