Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sadie Quinn: 8 months!

EIGHT. We're at eight now? My goodness.
>>> slow down, please!

Also, no idea why it takes me so long to post these monthly posts. I always start on the day of her monthiversary but then it ends up sitting in my drafts forever .. whomp!


Sadie girl, you look so mature and so serious in this photo! My how you've changed over the months - not just physically but you're personality is definitely coming through!

hey! enough photos already!

& what a personality you have! (I just noticed that you'll pulling on your hair in this photo, lol - something you're actually doing quite a bit off these days ... stressed much?, try sleeping through the night, I heard that helps with the stress - teehee). You're shy at first, but you warm up fast. You're never afraid to let us know when you've had enough, when you need something and when you simply want time to yourself. I can already tell that you'll be a kind soul.

Love for tags

You're obsession / fascination with tags hasn't faded. I always say that you're reading the warning labels and care instructions ... obvs. Right now you love playing with the remote control, our dvds, Aiden's little chair and pretty much anything that doesn't belong to you. But you're the boss, so I guess what's ours, is yours? Besides singing, dancing has now been a favourite past time. You just love listening to music. And you're not picky either, just anything with a good beat and good lyrics of course. You love to explore. We spend a lot of time just crawling around the main floor playing hide and seek & peek-a-boo. A and I also pretend you're a shark and we crawl away from you so you won't eat us.


P3022788  P3022789

You are still on #teamnofear. And I hope you continue to have this attitude about life. Mama, Daddy & Kuya A will always back you, 100 percent.


We are happily still nursing (yay!). But you're finding quite inventive positions. You're most recent favourite is sitting towards me, yes ... sitting - what a silly girl. Haven't thought too much about weaning just yet. You're typically eating two "meals" a day. Again, I'm letting you take the lead and trying to follow your cues. Mushed, pureed foods and well, spoons are things of the past ... it's all about eating the chunks with your hands! Which of course can be a messy process, but you're happy - and you're enjoying mealtime. And it also allows for me to eat too, so really win-win-win. You've chosen a simple cup versus your sippy - cutest thing watching you gulp water, hehe. I'm excited to keep mealtime adventurous for you and hoping that you become a non-picky eat just like Aiden.


I truly can't image what our lives would be like without you in it. Together with Aiden, you have blessed us with such happiness and joy. You both continue to teach me and test my patience (lol). But I'd like to think that I'm (we're) getting the hang of having two kiddies. After having Aiden, I didn't think that it was possible for me to love another as much as I love him ... but then we had you. It's amazing how my heart just simply adjusts.


That face! We love you Sadie-Q!

ALSO, after much badgering and persistance, this happened! Weeeee!
(just don't mind my annoying voice, muhahahaha!)

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