Monday, March 18, 2013

things are brewing!

March, you'e almost over!

My hiatus is blamed on various things & if you know me well, I can usually conjure up many reasons why, lol. Like, my two babies who seem to be very, very efficient at sucking up all my energy or my self-diagnosis of bloggerlust - where I start the evening with intentions of blogging but then I find a blogs of bloggers who fascinate me and I start blog hopping and pinning and jotting things down in my moleskine and before you know it I drowing in this rabbit hole of inspiration and it's midnight again and I panic because I should have been sleeping because Sadie is like a ticking time bomb these nights and can explode with that squeal-like cry at any moment ... sigh, lol.

BUT! I'm making progress on some pretty things & I can't wait to share!

That's all!
Happy Monday!

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