Wednesday, April 3, 2013

list series: where / why I've been hiding (lol)

1. Yes, yes ... I've been slacking - whoops!

2. Last Monday, I had an emergency dental surgery & got my bottom wisdom teeth pulled out ... they were causing me some serious pain. Recovery mode all last week. As a nursing Mama, I felt like I was always starving (actually always feel this way, LOL) ... it was not fun. I am so so happy that they are gone.

3. Lots of family stuff going on. If you're able to, please keep us and our families in your thoughts & prayers - thank you.

4. I have this long list of home related projects ... I have yet to check one off ...

5. My mat leave is supposed to be over mid-June, supposed to be.

6. The sun has been shining the past few days, but it's deceiving as heck - where is the warm weather?!

7. I'm setting deadlines & personal goals ... I'm getting excited & can't wait to share with you!

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