Saturday, February 9, 2013

the obsession continues ...

& now for the boys!

I got the A approval on all the pieces, score!
I know most people think that it's much more "fun" to dress little girls, but since day one, I've always had a blast dressing A. I also like to think that he loves fashion and loves shopping with me for new threads (LOL). But since he's started school, I try not to have him wear his "cool" clothes. For obvious reasons (rips, stains, disappearing to the land of God knows where, etc). Except this guy refuses to wear sweats to school or anything remotely comfy ... um, Aiden - you have gym today, you have to wear sweats. Negative. He will not leave the house unless he's wearing skinnies - yes skinnies. We usually pick out his clothes together the night before and he's always agrees with me on the outfit selection (even when sweats are chosen), but come morning time ... a pair of his skinnies creep onto his legs and off to school he goes. He knows he'll get away with it because I'm still zzz-ing with Sadie-Q while Daddy takes him to school & as if Ryan will scold him on his outfit selection (LOL). I may have created a monster - at least he's well dressed :)

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