Friday, February 15, 2013

Sadie Quinn: 7 months!

Wow. Seven. Already.
& yes, yes I'm running late with again ...
But get ready, this post is photo heavy .. I figured it would be nice to include some of your day-to-day shots plus a few of my fave during month seven. Photo bomb Sadie-Q begins now ... :)


Sadie Bean, Sadie Bear, Sadie Dades, Sades, Sadie-Q, Sades McBabes, Sadie Daydee ...
the list truly goes on & on, lol.


It's been 7 months & I'm still in a bit of shock that we've been blessed with a beautiful / healthy baby girl. You have brought such joy in our lives.


Waking up to you every morning (with that sweet smile of yours) reminds me how much I love being a Mama - your Mama. Your sweet smile also always makes me forget the lack of sleep I got at night, whomp whomp lol. I'm calling them "newborn nights" ... but now that I think about it, you slept waaaay more as a newborn. Hoping this is just a phase, it's just a phase right?


Right now you love playing with Sophie, your taggie blankie, your picnic basket and pretty much anything that you can either chew on or bang on. Oh and of course, you love your jumpy jumpy. You're still trying to figure out how to use this that was Aiden's & why Daddy was so excited to give it to you.

You're also very fascinated by my hair & when I'm not looking ... you eat it. Hm.

We listen to a lot of music. Blackbird being one of your favourite songs. I'm convinced that you're singing along with the lyrics. You love to sing. I start with a tune (usually la-la-la, lol) and you try your best to follow suit. You're super talkative when it's just you and me & start to get all shy when others are around. You're still our little show baby and very well-behaved when we're out in public. In your car seat though, that's a different story. You're starting to get used to it a bit more, but usually cry bloody murder (while arching your back) while we attempt to strap you in the damn thing.


You continue to be determined. You've started to pull yourself up pretty much anywhere you can - in your play pen, crib, on chairs. Getting down, well you haven't quite mastered that part yet. You usually just call out, "Mmmmmmmm" - which of course means "Mama, help me!" I love how you throw your arms up in the air when you want me to pick you up & how when I say "You ready Sadie?" or "Come Sades" ... you turn my way and simply come (I hope you listen to me that way always, hehe). You are also very determined to never let me cut your nails ...



You love food. Maybe as much as you love bmilk.
We started right around the 6 month mark. The beginning was a little rocky but you were eating like a champ in no time. 3 "meals" a day - typically cereal in the morning and then veggies for both lunch and dinner. Then one day, you didn't number two. & you always number 2, you number 2 almost 3-4 times a day! So the lack of poop alarmed me ... you were constipated! Ek! Naturally I searched google for answers. Lots of people suggested prunes or prune juice or diluted apple juice. Then I came across a post that said something along the lines of "baby was never constipated when her diet consisted of only bmilk ..." true say! & since bmilk is a natural laxative, win win win. So for two days, we skipped the solids and your mustard poops starting coming back and with a vengeance, yay! We're slowing easy back into solids again & really letting you take the lead on this one. We're in no rush. There will be plenty of food for you lifetime :)
We're still nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and 1-2 times at night depending on the night. Your sleeping habits are rough sometimes - We've started some "sleep training", for you know, sanity's sake (I kid, well, kinda). It's night number three and we've had some serious progress (yay). All about small victories, right?


You also love your big brother. You love when he reads you bedtime stories like this one and he's the best at making you laugh. I love watching you both interact & play with each other. I can't wait to see what kind of relationship the both of you will have.


You're also so curious about your surroundings. Eyeing everything and everyone around you. Maybe this means that you'll have a good judge of one's character. You're happy to be carried by just about anyone and happy to play around by yourself too. But when you've had enough, you sure know how to let us know!


You are growing up way fast baby girl, slow down a little won't cha?

I can't believe how much you've changed already!

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