Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY: oh my valentine!

Being on maternity leave definitely has it's far share of perks.
One of my favourites is having the time to do fun creative things with A for his classmate - especially to celebrate the holidays. I originally found the idea on Pinterest - go figure. I thought heck, this looks easy enough - because we all know how sometimes DIYs turn into frustrating disasters. But this was right up my alley. Take a simple photo (with a A's Valentine's suit - lol), adjust the sizing & add a banner in Photoshop then using an exacto knife cut slits to make the illusion of holding the lolly. I also left the "from:" part of the card blank so Aiden could continue practicing writing his name x30. This is such hard work Ma! But I'm sure my friends are hard at work on their Valentine cards too. (amazing). So happy how they turned out! Even Aiden couldn't get enough of them :)



& nothing like a little photo bomb from Prince Charming himself ... with some chocolate on his face and between his teeth, lol.

So what are your Valentine's day plans? Did you make anything crafty? Do you go all out?
It's always super quiet here, since Ryan works 5864 hours that day to cook for all the lovers on their romantic dates, hehehe. But that's ok, we share 364 other days of love (cheeseball, barf - ok, I'll stop now).

Enjoy tomorrow!


  1. This is the CUTEST Valentines ever!!!

    1. Aww thanks :)
      Happy Valentine's Day to you and Kris!