Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next Few (Home) Purchases

Because my mind has been mush as of late, written lists have been saving me (for the most part).
I'm itching to get some new stuff for our home while de-cluttering the stuff (toys) that we (A) no longer use.

Here's a few things I'd like to snag soon:
1. Crate & Barrel: Two Gallon Jar
The current jar that's holding our flour is just not cutting it ...
2. Waring Deep Fryer
We rarely deep fry, but let's face it - some things just taste better done this way. Not 100% sure that this is the fryer to get (since Ryan usually have final say in such gadgets), but this one sure looks pretty.
**edit: showed Ryan my blog draft and he already said that this wasn't "the one" ... lol.

3. Crate and Barrel: Chloe Chair
Well, at over $1000 a pop - it's definitely not going to be this exact chair. But looking for some lovely patterned accent chairs for the living room to go with "project fireplace mantel" (we'll discuss at a later date).

4. Pottery Barn Kids: Collector's Shelves
What I really want are these, but they never seem to have them in stock. These would be perfect for A's room.

5. Crate and Barrel: 4 Piece Serving Set
After hotsing A's birthday at our home with all our family, it was beyond evident that we need more of these. Geez.

If we don't get the exact items, I'm excited to find replicas of these things at lower prices. I always love a good deal!

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