Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm packing my bags, I'm ready to go!

Well sort of.
Yesterday, I started a more serious process of packing my hospital bag. I can't begin to say how nervous this makes me and how crazy fast the past 38 weeks have flew by.

Regardless of how "prepared" I get, I know there will be something that I forget.
Right now the list is as follows:
-Oil of Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths (my absolute favourite for removing make-up and the day off my face)
-Deodorant, his and hers
-Shampoo & Conditioner, in case I get a chance to actually shower post-labour
-Hair elastics and bobby pins
-$20 bucks, for snacks or drinks or whatever, I know - for a large double double from Tims post-labour, yes.
-Earth Mama Angela Baby Nipple butter, my cousin gave me this at my shower and I'm excited to try it! From what I can remember from the 1st time, my nipples were sore and chapped (TMI?)
-Lansinoh Nursing pads (I swear by these)
-Robe and nightgown for post-labour that my mama bought for me, why she bought white - no idea.
-Medela Nursing Sleep Bra, comfy and underwireless
-Warm socks

Still need to add
-Change of clothes for both Ryan and I
-Sleep clothes for Ryan, that's if he will sleep
-Baby's clothes! (hats, mitts, sleepers, onesies and blankets) Also a cute outfit for baby to go home in (was thinking of getting something blue and something pink and then just returning whatever we didn't need - but now that sounds like a lot of work, lol)
-Own pillow, for comfort's sake
-Simple snacks
-Still ensure about whether I want to bring my nursing pillow or not

& I'll leave it to that for our hospital bag (ekkk!)

Still lots to be done around here. Mom and Dad come by to deliver their gift for baby last night which means onces Ryan builds it, I can start nesting a bit more by laundering baby's clothes and putting them away. But baby's dresser is after Ryan builds Mom and Dad's (x2) birthday gift for Aiden. It's a sweltering 43 degrees here in Milton today & Ryan's enduring this heat to make Aiden happy. Ry is so smitten over A, hehehe. Ryan also has a tee time at 4pm. Wishing that Ry had more time off and more time with us, but he's staying productive and helpful. As am I, I've taken a stab at grilling on the BBQ for lunch today, ahhh!

Plus, I'm staying quite busy with some creative projects. Wish makes me very happy.

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