Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Is this for real? We have a 4 year old?
Right now, you love Power Rangers & Captain America. Your favourite veggies are asparagus and broccoli & you've recently discovered Mac & Cheese (the KD kind). Milk is still one of your drinks of choice. You're rambunctious and always full of energy. You're super stubborn - okay let's rephrase, you're strong willed. You're (slowly) learning how to share & you're beyond curious of the world (what's that mean?, what's next?, and then what?). You love to read & be outside - no more training wheels on your bike - but you're still learning. We can get you to sleep in your room & some nights you sleep there, all by yourself (well - with Teddy, Woody, Baboy & Mickey - your must have friends). You love wearing belts with your shorts and skinnys, putting your wallet in your back pocket (like daddy-o does) and dress yourself with the best swag. You are beyond thrilled to start school and make new friends.  

Aiden baby, we can't believe how BIG you are.
We love you more than words. You are simply our greatest joy.
& in less than one month - you'll be a big brother.

Happy Birthday Daniel Aiden!
xx - Mama, Daddy & Baby.

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