Monday, June 18, 2012

38 Weeks!

& 1 day.
Feeling a whole new level of heavy. I'm pretty much always hungry, but can't seem to eat as much as I desire cause there's no more room left! I'm anxious and beyond nervous for labour. I know I've done it before, but my goodness it's been 4 years! The pain that I endured has been longer forgotten! I'm most nervous for labour - and well, learning to breastfeed again.

I've started packing my hospital bag to be better prepared for the big day, but still feel like I'll forget something regardless. I also applied for EI today & considering that it's part of my job to teach / tell others how to apply, I'm hoping the process is painless and smooth for me.

I also worked on some creative projects today (something I hope to do a lot of while I'm on my mat leave). I'll share more details soon. I also purchased this off Etsy today - I am in love. Now if I could just find the perfect crib sheets.

& as per my latest tweet, my life has also resorted to laundry and well, more laundry. And it's only going to pile up even more, literally. Over the weekend I sorted through some of Aiden's old baby clothes and picked out all the yellows and greens. I'm waiting on Ma to get us baby's dresser, so I can start washing and folding all these itty bitty baby clothes into their homes. I'm catching sniffs of "baby" in our nursery and can't wait for that fresh baby scent when our babes arrives. We can't wait to meet you baby, we love you so much already

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