Tuesday, May 29, 2012

pc favourites!

President's Choice has to be the largest and most well-known private food label in Canada. They also umbrella pretty fantastic home products, kitchen tools and clothes as well! Below are some of my PC favourites - I'm sure as the years go and as PC continues to innovate, this list will grow longer!

1. PC Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream: Cake + ice cream, do you need anything more in life? & why have I only discovered this recently - clearly been living under a rock. The crumbles of cake mixed in with the creamy almost cream cheese like ice cream - devine!

2. PC Crumbled Goat's Milk Feta Cheese: I love cheese, especially goat cheese and feta - so to have them both in one combination - heaven! This is a long time favourite of mine. The texture is bang on and the hint of saltiness makes this cheese the perfect compliment to greens, salads and breads, yum!

3. PC Avocado Mayo Sandwich Spread: Since I can remember, I've always enjoyed dipping my french fries in mayo - now dipping them into this avocado mayo is a new treat! Also since it's the season of BBQs, I can only imagine the possibilities with this mayo.

4. PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies: I actually prefer these over "the other brand" - just a simple and just like it's name decadent chocolate chip cookie. My favourite way to eat them is in a bowl with cold milk poured all over them!

5. PC Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce: I mean, I never grew up eating Indian food nor am I of that decent - so I don't think I can provide an authentic rating, but let me tell you, this stuff is good. It makes your craving for the real stuff much more attainable, it's so simple to make & it truly hits the spot! Add some coriander & lachcha paratha to the mix - delish! 

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