Saturday, May 19, 2012

update on our busy little life!

We have been busy.
Between work & home life, things have been hectic around here.
(it's nice to have a long weekend with no set plans, to just enjoy each other and well, catch up on the to-do lists!)

In no order, since they all seem like high importance ... ek!

To-do list: Work Life
The official countdown begins, THREE WEEKS left.
We've found and hired my "replacement"& I spent the majority of last week onboarding and training her with the theory of my job. I've got a few things that I need to wrap of administratively to make sure I'm all set for my Maternity Leave. I also have yet to confirm whether I will be keeping my blackberry while on leave. I secretly hopes that it somehow just blows up - lol.

To do list: Baby Sprinkle
-Finalize menu and prep what we can ahead of time
-Print Baby Bingo sheets
-Find these damn Starbucks Frap bottles, looking for approx. forty. Yes, forty.
-Paint the rest of the chalkboard menu signs
-Buy chalk
-Giveaways? ... Gah.
-Finalize gifts for winners of the games
-Decor? Maybe just some fresh flowers.
-Outfit? LOL.
-Grey and yellow paper straws
-Plates, cups, cutlery
-Finalize cake design

To do list: A's Birthday Party
-Finalize menu and prep what we can ahead of time
-Make loot bags for the kiddies. I decided that only kids under the age of 6 get loot bags ... is that mean?
-Find Aiden a birthday suit (Captain America tee)
-Decide on whether we'll buy A a jumping castle, a wooden swing / slide set or a trampoline (our original idea was to rent a jumping castle but it just seems like a waste of money ...)
-Are we doing games for the kids? Gah!
-Decor: ballons, maybe streamers?
-Plates, cups, cutlery
-Finalize cake design
Oh & looks like Pacquiao's next fight is on the night of A's birthday party - so it looks like we're ordering this for all the Titos

To-do list: Baby Things
-We still can't find Aiden's old mattress, so we must now purchase a new one - whomps.
-Car seat
-A dresser. Ryan totally took me to Ikea today to get this because of the 25% off sale they were having but they were out of white ... I almost settled for another colour, but I didn't. Boo.
-Art deco for the walls
-Cute baby books to fit with the decor
-Must also sift through all of A's baby clothes (oh the nostalgia!) and laundry the ones I want to use for this baby
-Laundry means we need this.
-Set up play pen in our bedroom or maybe just in our living room
-Ensure we have all the parts and nicknacks for the Bugaboo (adapter, pump, bassinet, etc etc ...)
-We need bedding for the crib and sheets for the changing table
-I'd also like a statement rug of some sort (maybe like this one) since I don't think I have the time or the commitment to paint something bold on the walls
-The closet in the nursery also needs to be cleaned out (since this room used to be where I scrap, I still have some of my stuff in there). I'd also like to install some sort of closet system to max the space - is this too ambitious?
-Also need to pack our hospital bag - that's a whole other to-do list ...

Other than the little details, I think this sums up the list(s). Looks like we'll be busy for a little longer ... and then a whole other level kind of busy with Baby #2! Exciting!

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