Sunday, March 15, 2009

sleepless nights

Aiden has been having episodes of waking up hysterically, sitting on our bed, waiting for someone to come in, swoop down & rescue him ... it's been a few days.

Tonight, during one of these episodes Ryan asks A, 'hey buddy, do you want to be an only child?' ... hahaha.

I laugh because it's true. The nights are really when Ryan & I have some 'alone' time to hang out with each other. Mornings are still rough for us, because A is still not sleeping straight, so we still have crapp nights. But it definitely has gotten better - baby steps, no doubt. It's like I want to fast forward to the days when A sleeps in his own bed, on his own, BUT at the same time I want to savour every moment of my days now. It's simply bittersweet.

A sleeps so peacefully in my arms,

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