Tuesday, March 3, 2009

feeling like some weight has been lifted!

Okay, not in the sense that I really want, BUT ... I got a haircut today :)
(finally) & the best part about it is that, I paid $13! Small little Asian place on Hwy 10 & Dundas (I know, I know - not one of the best areas, but ... thirteen dollars?! C'mon now!) I haven't really decided if I'm in love love with it, but it feels wicked & uber healthy. Nothing too drastic, because I didn't want to feel like I had 'mom hair', plus I NEED to be able to tie it back into a pony tail (For A LOVES to pull hair). It's 3 inches shorter, but hair is hair & will grow back eventually. So for now, I'm happy :)

Also, it really feels like Ryan and I are getting the hang of this whole saving thing. Well, it just seems like there's more coming in, then going out & by the end of this week - we will have fully paid off our MasterCard! woohoo! No more balances! That makes me truly happy. (We're going out for lunch, just us and A to celebrate) & we're going to use our debit card. It's time to start purchasing 'things' that we need versus the wants. I do, however, believe in once in a while splurges. Life is worth living! (But not in debit, hahaha). I was watching Oprah the other afternoon & she was taking about living a much simpler life. It truly intrigued me. She was talking about a 'pledge' ... this is what it entailed:

Do not spend money for one day
Do not use your credit card(s) for one week
Do not eat out at restaurants for ONE MONTH

The first two are rather easily for Ryan and I, considering Ryan works six days a week and only really spends money on gas & considering that I'm on Mat Leave and don't have a car regularly. The third, however, ekkk! It's our most favourite thing to do! I think it will have to be one of those things that we limit ourselves from doing, but I don't know about eliminating it completely. That will definitely be a challenge! BUT, I must give us credit .. I know for a fact that we've cut back on eating out and spending all together. It seems like our spending accumulates to weekly trips for A's neccessities (oh A :))

It's tax season. Let's hope it's a good one.

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