Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please, slow down baby -

& stop growing!

Tomorrow, Aiden is 9 months old. (Already)

I have much anxiety building up inside of me. Mainly because his 9 month mark means that I'll have to return to work in less than 3 months ... & the separation anxiety begins for me. To have spent everyday, since day one with A & then to have to leave him for 8 hour stretches - makes me so sad. BUT, I have to think about it in such a way that, Ryan & I are working towards a better life for the 3 of us. That we're working towrads a future for our family ... & that we're starting our forever, together.

Ask me about all of this, 2-3 years ago, & I would have never imagined that I would have any of this. The kind of LOVE that A shows me, the kind of LOVE that Ryan means to me - these boys are my life (even though Ryan now calls himself my 'number 2' guy) BUT, this life, is tough - this life, has ups, downs & all arounds. There's hardships & obstacles. There's late nights, when we just sit & wonder whether we're doing the right things. When we ask ourselves questions - we wonder whether you're happy. Are we being good parents? There are times when we fight, argue & place blame - it's not always picture perfect. But the hard times is what makes the good times, really good. A few nights ago, I remember lying down in bed, almost bedtime, starring at you & Ry. I can hear you both breathing. You were sleeping, & dada was just watching you sleep. My life, at that moment ... felt complete.

How wonderful life is,
now you're in the world.

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