Monday, January 12, 2009

the first of many


it may not be news,
but ours is the best story ever.

It was kind of crappy that Ryan wasn't able to have our actual anniversary date off, but we did however make a BIG compromise - he had the previous week off. What a treat for Aiden and I. We celebrated on Sunday by getting all dressed up and chowing down on some good food (our most favourite thing to do). This year Ryan made took me to Niagara Street Cafe (we've been there once before with Aiden in the summertime, but for brunch, I keep telling people that I would have licked my plate if no one was around!) Ryan has been working brunch for the past few Sundays helping out his old coworker Trista's husband, Nick. Five courses later, with the first one being my favourite (a little brunch plate that Nick whipped up), Ryan & I were pleasantly surprised to find out that our billed was being taken care of. What in the world! I have never experienced such gratitude! Such kindness. What would have been a $200+ bill, became nothing but a great night with my most favourite. To many many more ...
happy 1st anniversary ryan oliver.

well, really, 7 years in the making :)

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