Monday, April 29, 2013

swings & sunshine

Finally, some lovely weather. It truly does feel like Ontario has two extreme seasons: Winter & Summer. But I'm not complaining, bring it on Summer!

My sister, who's 15 years younger than I, slept over this weekend which is always nice. A is beyond fond of her - they're closer in age than her and I are, lol. I conned her to help me clean my closet and of course, all the stuff I didn't want anymore, was hers for the taking, win-win. My closet is literally bursting with apparel, but I always feel like I have nothing to wear, always. #classicgirlproblems

The warmer weather always calls for play time outdoors. I love that Aiden is all about this - I'd much rather him be begging us to ride his bike or play baseball in the front yard than playing video games and or computer games indoors (hopefully it stays this way). Soak up that vitamin D baby! & this is how I remembered my own childhood - I rode that purple bike just about every where and really only came home cause it was getting dark out and well, I was getting dark, lol. We have a wooden swing set in our backyard, but no bucket baby swing (booo) so we took Sadie to the park nearby to have her first time swing experience! She was definitely a little hesitant at first, but love it once she got the hang of it! Obviously don't pay any attention to my voice in the vid and just watch her awesome face.

Baby girl, you crack me up.
& did you see, we have teeth :)

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