Thursday, December 6, 2012

a little zinc inspired diy

OKAY, so this post was written a million years ago ... did I really just not hit publish? lol. 
Obvi a "mind wandering all over the place, can't think straight with so many thoughts in my mind" mama moment.

Yes, I'm a little bit late on the bandwagon - but like everyone else, I feel in love with these zinc letters from Anthropologie back when I was still pregs with Sadie. And I almost splurged to buy them at $18 each letter - then my preggo brain forgot about them until they re-appeared in a tutorial for a DIY version. A DIY with the most basic steps, ever:

paint cardboard letters with black paint and let them dry ... 

Once they've dried, paint over black paint with metallic paint and let them dry again. 

I ordred the letters from Etsy & had the paint, and foam brush on hand. So in total, I spend just under $28. Amazingness. I'll probably stick them on the wall in Sadie's room above her crib ... since I'm still, errrr, working on the details of her nursery. Oh gosh.

Ta-da! Ain't it pretty?

Owl frame & photo of baby S: gift from our dear friends at Madison Paige Photography.

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