Thursday, October 11, 2012

three months!

(YES, I realize just how late I am in doing this ...)

Time is flying.
Your (big) personality is coming through, I could barely get you to sit still for this months photos!

At three months ...
-After these last few size 1 diapers, you're moving into size 2 - woot woot!
-We've stopped swaddling you, but you've learnt to roll over! (such a milestone!)
-Sleepers and sleep sacks at night time
-Your sleeping patterns at night have been a hit or miss, but for the most part we're still getting decent sleep (roughly) 8pm to 2am.
-So back to the rolling over part, you've mastered rolling from your back to your belly (only from the left side so far) & now practicing belly to your back - you're head and shoulder strength is quite sturdy
-Tummy time, all the time
-Mama says, "aaahhhhh ba!" and we usually get a cute little chuckle outta you :D
-Daddy asks you every morning, "are you going to work today?" and you can sit and chat forever and ever ... you also always beat Daddy in staring contests
-Everyone always says, "oh my, she's soooooo good" ... we've dubbed you "our show baby"
-You adore your reflection in the mirror
-Lack of hair, don't care ... hahaha.

Here's what else we've been up to:

It could be much worst - that's what I always tell myself when things don't go "as planned" or "our way". For the most part, our last feed is around 7:15-7:45pm, it seems like you're longing for an earlier bedtime. You wake up anywhere from 12:30-3:00am & I always nurse you. Not too sure if you "need" it since our sessions tend to be short and sweet, but heck, I've always let you take the lead in this department. Plus, I love love the connection we have during this time - esp. when the rest of the house is sleeping.
I guess my fear is that with the holidays and all the events coming up, we'll disturb the good thing that we have going on (similar to what happened to Aiden around this age). Although Sunday night, we got home around 11:00pm from Thanksgiving dinner - I changed you into a fresh diaper and a fresh sleeper then nursed you and to my sweet surprise, you woke up at 7:15am this morning! (woot, woot!)
Like I said earlier, we've been using sleep sacks. Right now we have a Halo sleep sack and it works for us just fine. but recently just ordered a Grobag with a warmer setting for the cold nights ahead of us!
Naps are also getting slightly better. I try to put you down in your crib for naps, but once I start zipping up your sack, it's like you know the battle ahead ... we're not there yet, but we're working on it! Also, you've taken a liking of sleeping flat on your face ... during the day time I let you, but I'm too afraid at night!

It's been smooth sailing and basically second nature to the both of us now. I'm still feeding on demand - esp. during growth spurts. Our "schedule" is typically every 3 hours - 8, 11, 2, 5, then our last feeding around bedtime. Sadie will wake up at least once for a "middle of the night" session. The duration of each session is typically anywhere from 5-20 minutes, but I always offer both breasts. Sometimes it feels like you're snacking, lol and when we're out and about you tend to nurse much quicker than when we're at home. My favourite is nursing laying down for our 1st session of the day ... I love waking up to your sweet smile.  

I called the doctor to make your 3 month check up and it looks like she's on vacation on October 19th! BOO! Definitely curious to see how much you weigh now. I've started putting away clothes that no longer fit your chubby self, so that's a good sign! Time is flying ...

Life in general is challenging. So, it takes us a little longer to get ready, we're sometimes late for where we need to be - but so what. I am adoring caring for two little ones, esp. because their needs couldn't be more different. To my surprise (and luckily), A's jealousy of Sadie is little to none. On occasion he'll have the odd pout because I can't play with him right that moment because I'm nursing Sadie, but I feel like we're managing our time quite nicely. He truly is an awesome big brother.

With Ryan's "new" job, we don't have the luxury of him working down the street and leaving 5 minutes before his shift. His days are longer and he's away from us more. (Again, I tell myself and him - small sacrifices for bigger gains). Aiden, Sadie and I stil have crazy evenings, but we make do. And I am forever thankful for the nights when Ryan's off and is able to help. Aiden's school night bedtime is 7:30-7:45pm (which also coincides with Sadie's last nursing session before her bedtime). Let's just say  a lot has to happen before this time.

Me: Post-Partum
My main goal was to fit into my bridesmaid's dress - and to my surprise it was a tad big (so yay me!) - hahaha. Toning is definitely what needs to happen. I'm still trying to eat better. Bigger breakfasts, lighter dinners and healthier snacks. Ryan has been supportive (as per usual), but with the holidays kicking in - I doubt my self-control will probably fly out the window, esp. because I've never been the one to limit myself from anything (food related) - all in moderation, of course. But overall, I know I have weight to loose - but I'm happy with myself and my kiddies (and hubs) loves me - right? That's what counts. I haven't weighed myself since I was preggs - I'll start there, lol. Oh and I am in dire need of a haircut ... that'll make me feel lighter, right? Right? Hahaha.

Have I said it yet? ... Time is flying. FLYING.


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