Thursday, October 25, 2012

happy birthday Ma!

I'm preggs with Sadie in this photo, but that was before we knew Sadie was Sadie lol.

My relationship with my Ma hasn't always been this way. For the most of my teenage years, I probably caused my mom more grey hairs than she ever wanted. But I still like to think that overall, I was an OK kid. Hahaha. (Ma, you an insert your sarcastic remarks now, since I know you follow my blog from time to time). As I got older and really started to have big girl responsibilities (let's remember, I became a wife and a mama in the same year!), I started to count on my mom for her input, advice and well, I started to enjoy her company (that's probably because we were no longer living in the same house & she now had Chelsea to "yell" at, muuhahahaa!). My rebelliousness ceased and I started to understand the sacrifices that she made for us growing up. I know I can never (ever) "re-pay" her (and dad) for all that they've done for my siblings and I (and of course, Ry, A and now Sadie too), but what I can do is instill the same values, traditions and humour in my own parenting with my own kiddies. Now that I have my own daughter (woot!), I'm sure I'll have my own tasting of what it was really like to have a baby girl - the good, bad & ugly, hehehe.

So enjoy enjoy your day Ma, you deserve every bit of it.
I love you.

xx, Ching.

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