Thursday, July 19, 2012

picnic lunch with my lovelys

Of course, I live for when Ryan is off from work.
Although he can't help much with Sadie - since she seems to be attached to my boob - he's able to entertain and give A much love and attention, which makes me happy.

Yesterday we decided to head down to Lowville park with a packed lunch of simple sandwiches (ancient grains bread, chicken breast, havarti cheese & avocado mayo, plus dijon mustard for Ry). The weather was nice, it was hot in the sun, but enjoyable in the shade. Seemed like Sadie had the best nap of her life & Aiden loves being outdoors.

We're still not able to "go-out" just yet, mainly because S loves to cluster feed during the day - usually every 1-2 hours. I'm definitely nursing her on demand. I figure if she wants to nurse all day, but then sleep anywhere from 3-4 hours straight at night - it seems like more than a fair trade off! Things are getting a bit easier. We're definitely still adjusting to having a newborn & a pre-schooler around. I'd say that my biggest challenge is managing my time between Sadie and Aiden. I "feel bad" that I spend most of my day nursing S - which leaves A to play / entertain himself (hence why I love when Ry is around).  But overall, Aiden seems happy - and maybe I'm making a big deal of out nothing. I know they say to sleep when baby is sleeping, but when Sadie naps - I definitely use this time to catch up with A or get some housework done. Thank God I'm not feeling too tired or overwhelmed - I'm truly enjoying this ride.

I'm also enjoying having coffee back in my life ... and last night, Ryan and I treated ourselves to some sushi!

My 1st batch since Sadie was born, but only takeout, of course - just the thought of bringing her to a restaurant still make me cringe. But I'm sure with time we'll get there, I know that Aiden is missing our dine out nights! Truly taking it one day at a time.

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