Thursday, July 26, 2012

I make milk ...

What's your superpower? ...

Breastfeeding is hard. 
I think that it's the most under-rated, least talked about topic when it comes to pregnancy and labour. & to be honest, it's definitely not easier the second time around.

With Aiden, I didn't even know that I wanted to breastfeed. The early days were a huge blur. I can remember crying (lots) in the wee hours of the morning because we just weren't getting it. Learning to breastfeed truly tested my patience. But with time, practice & patience - it was a wonderful experience, & I was able to nurse until Aiden was 1 years old.

With Sadie (here comes the comparison again), just when I feel like we've finally got the hang of things, an improper latch brings me back to square one. It's frustrating, it's painful and it's tough. But again, like most things during the "newborn phase" -it's a learning experience, we will get better & the rough patches will pass. I have to believe this - for my sanity's sake!

But I am determined to make this work for us.
I stumbled across this this morning ... & it couldn't be more bang on:

Don’t stress too much about achieving the perfect latch or breastfeeding position. 
If it works for you and baby then it’s perfect for you guys! It will take time for you and baby to figure out a way that is comfortable for you both, it’s a learned skill.

I also stumbled across this, which I thought it was interesting and a nice reminder of the benefits of breastfeeding.

So in theory, we must ... try, try & try again.
The sound of Sadie sucking and swallowing the goodness and the look of content on her face after a full feeding ... makes it all worth it. Giving up is really not an option. So, as Ryan would say - hang in there tiger - you can do this.

& lastly - because I've haven't lost my sense of humour ... lol.

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  1. haha, that last comic cracked me up. My daughter can be all happy and content when daddy gets her up but the moment she sees me whines. It's like oh, there's the milk machine! haha. You're right though it's so worth it for many reasons. Hang in there!