Friday, July 20, 2012

hush little baby

From what I can remember, we always had a hard time putting Baby A to sleep. We'd rock him, swaddle him, dance with him, let me sleep on our chest - pretty much anything and everything that would make him sleep & allow for us to get that minute of shut eye.

These were a lifesaver.
The instrumental versions are soothing and relaxing, to both baby and mommy (& daddy). Last night Ryan played these tunes for Sadie and she had the same reaction to them as Aiden did. She's was dozing off in daddy's arms. This morning when I played the tracks after she was having a mini fit, it's like she took it all in and simply smiled. Amazing what music can do.  

Baby S is pretty different from Baby A (some people think they look alike, but I think S definitely looks like her daddy!). She seems to go to sleep much easier during the day and at night. When she's tired, you can tell and right after she nurses, she's knocked out & add swaddle to the mix and she's good for an hour ... or two. Last night she went 5 hours between feedings (of course, this startled me completely). On one hand, I'm completely thankful that our baby isn't keeping us up at night and we don't look like complete zombies during the day, but on the other hand, my panic mama radar pops up and I start to feel like I'm not feeding my baby enough! (esp. cause I'm so used to being a nursing machine during the day time). I guess my mantra through this whole newborn phase is that Sadie will let me know if she needs something from me, right? When she's awake ... she's happy, she koos and she smiles and when she's sleeping ... we let her sleep. Because really, it's only moments until she's looking for me and my chest again :)

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