Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my latest obsession & other stuff that's kept me busy

1. 2P's. I joined a little while ago, but started to become a more active member recently. It's definitely one of my 'newest' addictions. Totally trying to stay away from Twitter. I'm attracted to addictions.

2. A is in full effect teething mode. He's got 2 little buggers on the bottom of his mouth & looks so cute! But it's truly affecting him. He's also caught a cold that I had last week, so he was a little snotty earlier this week. The cold has now passed on to Ryan ... despite all that, A's still able to crack smiles and laughs all day long -

3. Sleeping (well, bedtime rountines & whatnot) haven't been too much stress as of late. Maybe because I've stopped making them stressful. Trying my hardest just to be flexible & follow A's cues. Like tonight, he was so fussy by 530pm (he hadn't even had dinner yet!), but I did our bedtime routine half an hour earlier & he was in bed by 630pm. He woke up at 9 ish - when I then transfered him onto our bed. We're trying this whole 'co-sleeping' thing - it's actually working for us & contrary to popular belief, a breastfed baby can sleep beside his mama without always waking up to nurse. Thank goodness! I love, love cuddling with A at night, (oh! & Ryan too)

4. This week's lecture is on alcohol & the effects that it has on society (negatively). Most don't see alcohol as a psychoactive drug, but it's one of the leading sustances in terms of abuse - it's masked as a 'social' drug. I actually enjoy reading this textbook. Like I was telling Faye, I even read the little stories in the boxes, the side notes, the company / individual examples. Hahaha, I'm such a geek.

5. The gym, well it's still where it is, except it doesn't seem to have me in it. I don't know where my lack of motivation is coming from, but I SERIOUSLY need to get back into workout mode. I still have a goal of 15-20 pounds to loose, in order to be back to my pre-preggo days. Attending the GSM made me realize that I do in fact have to go back to work, & I work at a fashion company. I feel like I don't even know how to dress myself anymore! Help! I'm in need of a stylist - someone named Michelle.

6. I've been talking a lot about mortgages, house hunting & payment plans with Carissa. Between the two of us, we've got some knowledge under our belts. It scares me to death that we're thinking about making one of the biggest purchases of our lives. I'm terrified to be a homeowner! I feel like I don't know anything about anything, & I just don't want to make any mistakes (but we all know I will!), nor to I want to get myself (well, my family) into a crummy situation. But I definately cannot wait for the moment they say 'here', & hand us the keys to our first home :)

7. Ryan and I are finally contributing to our savings account on a weekly (yes! weekly!) basis. That makes me so happy. AND, our MasterCard will have a zero balance after next week. WOOHOO!

8. I love scrapbooking. I wish I could do it all day, everyday.

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