Wednesday, February 18, 2009

goodnight, sleep tight

As a new mama, I tend to googgle everything.
I don't believe everything that I read, but I read a lot of information and opinions about parenting & just about babies in general.

Our biggest 'issue' with A right now is his sleeping habits. He's such a good napper, but by bedtime, he's such a wreck. As of today, this is what his schedule looks like:

7am: wake up, nurse
8am: breakfast, cereal, fruit, some cherrios
9am: naptime
11am: wake up, 6oz bottle feed
1145am: lunchtime, usually a protein & veggies
1230pm: naptime
2pm: wake up, nurse
3pm: snack, fresh fruit, cherrios, or baby mum mum
330pm: music playtime with mama
4pm: discover, play with toys, lots of crawling
5pm: 60z bottle feed
545pm: dinnertime, usually fruits & veggies
630pm: bathtime
7pm: nurse, fall asleep

A's been waking up around 930pm & 11pm. When he wakes at 11pm, I've been taking him out of his crib & placing him on our bed (co-sleeping). Since we've done that, we hasn't really woke up during the 'middle' of the night. Sometimes around 5am, but then he'll fall back asleep until about 645am & then he'll nurse at 7am. He also used to have a third nap from 330pm - 430pm, but that was eliminated last week .. he just refused to sleep. Which is fine because it was a short, late in the day nap anyway. But by 7pm, he's done for the day ...

Yesterday I picked up a book that I've 'run' into doing google searches. I'm feeling such high hopes while I'm reading the first few chapters, I'm crossing my fingers!!! :)
As frustrating as it can get at times, how can you be upset with someone who smiles at you like this ...

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