Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello 2014!

Yes, I realize I'm 7 days late, but heck - this little old blog of mine has definitely been collecting it's fair share of dust bunnies, yikes!

I'm hoping in the next few weeks that this personal blog will mesh in with my Pixel Paper Hearts venture and I can have everything all in one place. I'll more than likely be writing about the same things & really hoping to keep it consistent (ugh, I always say this). But new year means fresh starts, right? I think so!

The holidays were just insane for us. But all in a good, fun and fabulous way! Love celebrating with family, friends and mountains of delicious food. Mountains. We were lucky enough for Ryan to have days off in between Christmas and New Years & is actually still off until Friday! The kiddies are loving having him around, and heck - so am I!

What a year 2013 was. Raised of babies, faced from fears, started some things, made some friends, took big leaps - laughed a whole lot, learned a whole lot, it was very good to us.

I've set a few "intentions" for this year. I've kept them simple & realistic, because we know how lost these intentions can get, ha! I do have one word that I'm keeping close to my heart for the year ...

... in all aspects of life.

// Keep up with Project Life - I just love this idea and this way of documenting so much! But I do have an unfinished 2013 album, whomp. So I'm hoping to keep things simple, and not be so damn hard on my creative self so I'll be able to keep up & just hammer this down this year.

// Date my husband - I'm ready to be selfish. To have some down time, time away from our roles as (awesome) parents and just be us again. The craziness of life always "gets in the way", but I want to make us a priority and not use our kiddies or being tired as an excuse. So bring on the dinner dates (sans les babies), I've missed you!

// Write shit down - because my mind is pure mush, this is a must! Also there's something about pencil / pen & paper, something our smart phone won't even be able to replace, ever.

// More play time - I could watch my kiddies play for hours, but I want to be the one playing with them too & with no strings attached - meaning leaving my phone in another room & catching up on my social media feeds at another time. I want them to know I'm engaged & present ... and that I know how to play too ;)

// Do away with impulse purchases - I always hear myself telling myself that it's "only a dollar", but it's not a need! & we can do without it. & just because it's on sale, doesn't mean we need it either. I'm in the process of purging and toss things away that have been laying around our home. I want to love the things that we do have & make sure that they have purpose.

// Hang some damn things up - our home is naked. Very naked & we've been here for 3.5 years now. It's like I'm interior design challenged & just can't seem to execute my dreams and inspirations. But I will do this, one room at a time. I hope, lol.

Here's to another year. Filled with simple things, but big dreams! & to doing the things we "intent" to :)
Happy New Year Friends!

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