Friday, September 27, 2013

& the hiatus continues!

Oh how I miss thee! Truly! Things are hectic, but we are so so happy. And I promise, there's no glorification of busy over here - just slowly down & focusing on things that matter :)

If you follow my Instagram feed for Pixel Paper Hearts, you would have seen this already & would have read my sob story about how my MacBook charger melted (yes, melted). 

So I've been on a bit of a design hiatus & I'm loving and hating every minute of it. Part of me wants to work on my designs, my skills day in a day out. I feel like I get better with practice and the more work I do, the more confident I become. BUT this is definitely not possible, especially with two littles running around & a hubs who works his butt off so that we're able to have me be a "stay-at-home mama". Some weeks the focus is on the business, other weeks it's on home life. The balance is hard, but I have to remind myself that saying no to one thing means saying YES to something else. I'm determined to cultivate a life that feels good inside and out.

Hope you're all doing wonderful!

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