Tuesday, August 7, 2012

rough nights = zombie me

I must sleep when Sadie does.
I must sleep when Sadie does.
I must sleep when Sadie does.

... but there's so much to do!, also - if I did, I would probably never see Ryan . But then if I don't, I'm a zombie. This is turning out to be a loose / loose situation ...

The waking up for the day part is definitely the toughest for me. Especially because typically Ryan is out to work by 10am and back home, no earlier than 10pm. Once a week he starts at 2pm and another day he gets off at 6pm. Those days tend to be my favourites. I haven't taken a nap during the day because Aiden has stopped napping. I can't sleep while he's awake! My guilty conscious will consume me. Plus that's my time with my A ;)

I haven't mentioned that we got a new toy. Semi-splurge item but I really felt like with two kiddies, we needed to have more than just an iPhone camera (even though it gets the job done!). With the help of my best cousin Miguel, we purchase the Olympus E-PM1 and I instantly fell in love. Mind you, I'm using it in auto mode and haven't really got the chance to play around with all the settings, but overall I'm content. The fact that we're able to get dslr quality without a bulk camera body is amazing. Like I need to be carrying out more weight in S's diaper bag - this camera is tres bien.

Look some quick shots of A in his bedroom this weekend.

This boy is my heart.

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