Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I am truly over ...

our dining table.

I still have no idea what possessed us (me) to get a set that was counter height fully knowing that we had a toddler and wanted to expand our family in the next few years. Nowadays, I attempt to feed Aiden lunch while rocking Sadie to nap ... in hopes that the food on the table doesn't spill all over the floor because of a slight hiccup in our movements. I dislike this damn table, very much.

I have, however, found a new love.

A lovely, solid wood "Arc Base Pedestal Table" from West Elm. Ain't she a beauty? Not so keen on the chairs in this photograph. Would love to find something with more of a pop - maybe even in terms of colour (we all know how much I love my greys!) We also haven't decided whether we'll get the 42" or the 60" - basically deciding between a 4 seater or a 6 seater. But the table, I dream about this table.

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