Tuesday, March 8, 2011

second look: I resolute not to make resolutions!

On January 1st, I posted the following on my tumblr -
& since then, I kind of forgot about them ... It's time for a second look.

Let’s just start changing the way we live our lives:

To be simplistic: stop cluttering & start being a minimalist - do we really need those things?

To document life: doesn’t matter through what medium, but I’ve always been obsessed with capturing the moment or else, they kind of just pass you by.

To take (calculated) risks: you never know what’s out there waiting for you, if you’re not willing to see it through.

To pay it forward: how amazing does it feel to be short $0.20 for a cup of coffee and have the person behind you spare it for you or to be walking to a parking meter to buy a ticket for you dash and have a person had you theirs because they’re done with it …

To save $$$: I’m always one for splurging don’t get me wrong - cause we work hard for our money! But there are always ways to make this hard earn cash stretch.

To let my creative juices flow: ohhappyday, est. let’s get this show started!

2011, you’re already looking to be a good one.

Instead of these being resolutions, I think they can be themes for the year. I have to find a lovely home for these words to live, so that I can be reminded of the kind of life I want to be living ...

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