Saturday, January 30, 2010

the scenic route to dufferin county

I have yet to find the "perfect" bricks and mortar retailer for scrapbooking goodies. So I tend to get my stash, a little bit from here and a little bit from there. Today, Mom, Chelsea and I ventured towards a road not taken. Where roads wind up and down for KMs with no sight of what's ahead. We were headed to a Scrapbook Warehouse Sale by Open Page Wholesalers. I think twice a year they open their warehouse to the public and the MRSP is around 40-70% off and because of this, we decided to take the drive. (The last time they opened their warehouse - which used to be in Mississauga - I went with Janelle, not a much stuff, but still a wicked deal). Today, I ended up with these lovely goodies, because of the Thickers, the drive was well worth it!

I think I've got my fix for a while :)
I'm inspired, I'm happy.

Also, this little bugger is also keeping me beaming from ear to ear.

Even though some days are hard and more difficult than others, at the end of the day, motherhood is tres fulfilling. I'm learning so much every step of the way. I know I say it often, but my heart still flutters when you're sleeping at night and I take a glimpse of you, my son. I know that Ryan also feels the same way. When he catches you in a cute pose while you're sleeping, he can't help but tap my shoulder to make me look at you. Aiden, you are our joy.

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