Saturday, January 30, 2010

compromising with earphones!

There's nothing better than being able to snuggle up with my two favourite boys after a hard day's work (hehe!). But tonight, I'm snuggling with A snoring and Ry watching his 1464216th episode of Heroes, did I mention that he started the series today? I watched one episode and he's managed to get to the end of the box set. And because I don't want to watch at the point where he is, I'm sitting here, in the dark, well the screen light of the TV and our mac with earphones jamming to a little t.swift (who's obvi my most recent girl crush). The things that keep a marriage happy :)

I've been pretty good with my blog posts, ok, well, 8 posts in 28 days .. not too too shabby, hey I do blog about our house process too! But better start than most. However, been slacking incredibly on my photo taking! Making it a point to capture some shots this weekend and the upcoming week ... thinking about investing in a digital SLR, but it's a huge splurge. Maybe something that we can't justify for leisure's sake at the moment. Still need to save approx. 10K for our closing costs, but our saving is on track! *relief!

Day off tomorrow, splendid.

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