Saturday, November 28, 2009

she took the midnight train going anywhere

Ok. Bare with me for the next few, because I'm just going to write.

A little past my bedtime (trying to get out of the rut of being an insomniac mama), but feeling more productive during the wee hours of the day/night, whatever you want to call it. I know that it may seem like I write/blog about the same things (school, Aiden, Ryan, work, scrapping, home buying process) over & over again ... it's mainly because, I still can't believe, this, all of this, is happening to me.

Decided to pay a visit to my first (& quite old, est. 2003) blog - my escape, my livejournal. What a throwback. I've been wanting to write something more meaningful for a while now, but I seem to be in some sort of writer's block. Not because I'm lacking inspiration, but more because I'm inspired by different things nowadays. I used to write and write and write about yearning for love, holding on to hope & believing that things will always fall into place. And when I was done being optimistic, I was a total drama queen, venting all my frustrations with my words.

... & then it happened.
All the things that I used to only know about, the love, the hope, the falling into place - it all happened to me (deep down, it's like I always knew this is how it would end up, but I just didn't anticipate on it being this soon, or that it would make me this happy). Life is what you make of it. This is what I'm making out of mine. I'm living my meant-to-be, my dream-come-true ... this is it.

But let's get serious, it's not always a field of flowers. Ups, down, turn arounds ... life has a funny way of telling you you're doing ok :) I guess the beauty is finding a way to deal with it. Whether it deals with forgiving & forgetting or letting go & moving on. I'm always trying to see the upside to life - you never know, things can get cut short.

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