Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Major things happening.
2010 will be a BIG year, I can already feel it.

Randomness of the past few days;
(1) Took my grad photos today. Really wanted to reschedule (been feeling like I'm coming down with some sort of sickness), but we through with it anyway. Just hoping that I don't look like death in them, wonder if retakes is a possibility.

(2) Feeling anxiety about graduation, well, what I'm going to be doing post grad. I actually just postpone all thoughts about my plans after uni life, but it's coming sooner rather than later & I'm getting nervous.

(3) Christmas is in 43 days. My last exam for the fall semester is on December 7th (actually, I only have one final ...), but after that date, I will be a retail slave. This is when I definitely miss being on mat leave. Not looking forward to the hustle & bustle that the Holiday season has to offer. LOVE, love the season, but it always feels like I don't get to fully indulge.

(4) Committing to finishing the structural aspect of my December Daily on Saturday, excited to get crafty :)

(5) Being a MOH is a ton of work & I don't even think I've felt the half of it yet.

(6) Attended a Michael Belcourt Lecture series at school last week (for Retail Week). It was titled, "The Future of Fashion Retailing". Featured Joe Mimran, Kimberly-Newport Mimran and Larry Rosen. So fascinated about the aspects that were discussed and how they felt about the way fashion was headed, especially in terms of sustainability, perception of value (from the point of the consumer) and the success rate of Canadian designers being little to none in the Canadian marketplace. Love learning from lecture such as these.

(7) Aiden is amazing.

(8) Ryan's not so bad either.

(9) I'm 24 in one. Wow.

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