Tuesday, September 23, 2008

five things that inspire me ...

(1) even though i'm super new to the scrapbooking world, i often preferred traditional layouts and pages versus digital - but now that i've been luring around this site - i may just have to change my mind! but only to hybrid, of course.

(2) ryan. there's just something about his passion for cooking & food that makes me want to create. it's so funny because he comes up with all these idea for dishes and additions to the menu at work (usually at night time) & he jots them down on a pad of paper always handy at the side of our bed. i think he's brilliant.

(3) my 4x6 black ringed sketch book. i love being able to just write random thoughts, ideas, lists, etc.. there's just something about imperfections that makes the book so perfect.

(4) ali freaking edwards. if you don't know her (well, I don't really know her, lol), check her out - she'll probably inspire you too.

(5) & aiden - obviously.

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